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          Stretch for all

          The central themes for each cycle encourage students to explore topics outside of their traditional subjects, some examples of these themes include:

          • 504 Gateway Time-out

          • 504 Gateway Time-out    


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          Latest Tweets


          So so grateful to Jaamiatul Imaam Muhammad Zakaria Independent School for donating freshly cooked Samosas for our families @DixonsAcademies #community #civility #wecare //t.co/3K56eeDn6v
          10:07am 04.06.2020


          Amazing donations yet again for our vulnerable families - Thank you to staff, students, parents, family and friends once more. You are all amazing!! 🤗🤗🤗 //t.co/k4G9D7h0CN
          4:13pm 03.06.2020


          During such difficult times, I’m so proud to work for @DixonsAcademies who pull together and tap into resource to help our most needy families. There’ll be no hungry tummies on my watch! //t.co/GQgHYvLlMW
          9:50am 03.06.2020


          Thank you to the LEO students for helping and distributing food supplies for our #foodbank

          4:14pm 02.06.2020

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